Serbian Films for Foreigners – Season 02

Serbian Films for Foreigners have been renewed for a second season and we kick it off with “Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying” on September 12 at KC GRAD!

This time we are part of the regular monthly program at GRAD. We are going to meet twice a month, on Tuesdays, to watch and discuss Serbian films. English subtitles: ON! Oh, and do not forget to stay with us after the screening for some Q&A time!

Coming up this month: As you have just learned, we’re going to have two movies each month! Yay! HERE you’ll find all the information about what’s coming up next. Two September dates are reserved for hilarious (let’s call it) rom-com “Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying” and docu-adventure called “Walter”.

Pay What You Want: Yes, it’s still our thing! There is no standard tickets sale for these screenings, entrance is free for everyone. However, there will be “pay what you want” box at the exit, and in case you like the movie or you think discussion was really interesting, you will be able to support this idea before leaving GRAD. Just like that…

Note to Serbian fans: SFFF doors are opened to all the local film fans who once again want to remind themselves to some of the most interesting recent Serbian feature films and documentaries, as well as to participate in the debate in English, sharing their experiences of the film with film enthusiasts from around the world.

Get in touch: Don’t want to miss any SFFF news? Like our brand new Facebook page or follow us on Instagram! Share with us your thoughts on movies and let us know what you want to watch next!

See you soon! 

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