Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying (2011)

Serbian Films for Foreigners S02E01

September 12 / 8pm / KC GRAD – Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying (director: Bojan Vuletić)

After the difficult years of isolation Belgrade opened up, ready to take numerous tourists, businesspeople and curious parties who are flocking into our town from all corners of the globe. What happens when foreigners and locals meet?

The Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying is a contemporary romantic comedy on the temptations to find the one, told through four completely different love stories. In the beginning Stefan, the cocky young driver who trusts no one falls in love with Sylvie, a French chanteuse who had held herself in check for too long and is now on the verge of a nervous breakdown and about to do all of what she had always dreamed of for the first time.

Melita, a frustrated middle aged woman, working by day as a concert promoter and becoming a disillusioned fetish dominatrix by night because her lover Brian, an American diplomat, is not who he says he is. After Melita leaves the hotel, Jagoda the cleaning lady, too beautiful for a heavy drinker, decides to test the fidelity of Orhan, German businessman of Turkish origin who, instead of buying a failed Serbian company, discovers roots of Turkish culture in Belgrade and falls in love with Jagoda. On her wedding day, Jagoda’s friend Đurđa, a Serbian policewoman, will confess to her Croatian policeman groom Mate everything she had always been keeping from him. United in diversity is the motto of the EU.

Although there are all sorts of conditions we still have to meet in order to enter the EU, by making love to our dear guests from abroad, we are at least one step closer to Europe.

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